The Power Of A Quiet Voice

I have always found that a quiet voice with a message is so much more powerful than a loud voice that says nothing. Why do we feel like we have to talk so loud? Why do we feel like we have to yell to be heard?

Don’t get me wrong, the natural thing to do when you get pissed off is to scream to the rooftops. I have been there. But to actually be effective, and have your message heard, a quiet direct voice always wins out.

Remaining calm is effective not just in an argument, but in all forms of communication. It shows confidence. It shows you have swag. It allows the message to be received without distraction. This really has been my method, and what I have taught myself over the past 15 years through sales.

The key to selling your point is timing, and clearly expressing the message that you want delivered. It is not about filling every space and every moment with words. When you are talking just to talk, the words lose meaning, and people zone out. When you are loud the entire time and talk super fast, you wind up not being heard at all. I have found that the most effective way to have another person get your message is to be direct and straightforward, with a soft yet self-assured voice.

Whether you are selling a product, a service, or a point of view, you have to completely believe in what you are selling, down to your core. Otherwise you wind up being a phony. You can’t be trusted. Could I sell poop in a can for $10 dollars? Probably… I will boast and say that I can sell anything. But long ago, I resolved that if I didn’t believe in something 100%, I wouldn’t sell it. I always want to stay genuine.

Selling and singing are actually very similar. There are many that have nice voices and can sing beautifully. When I hear someone doing all these crazy runs, and are always at a ‘level ten’ showing off their pipes, it is impressive. But you never really hear the message. It is the softer, tender moments that affect the heart, and create impact and balance.

So what is my point? Its simple. Let’s all stop yelling. Let’s not even raise our voices. It just doesn’t work. It puts us all in a defensive mode and makes us want to get away. If you want to get a message out to someone, sit down, look them in the eyes, and quietly tell them how you feel. Let them know what you need to be happy. Share what is happening in that moment that isn’t making you happy. Be calm, sincere, and direct. The result will be much more powerful!

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