Health Update

This Sunday, I will be going back into the hospital for another round of chemo. This is a big one, and I’m sure will be full of drama. So they are making a movie starring Brad Pitt as my lookalike actor. I hope you enjoy the movie poster, above ;) Thank you to my producer Billy for putting this together. Ha!

I have been feeling great this past week. This is the most energy that I have had since getting diagnosed. I even got to go into the office the other day to see the team. It was so great to go back and hang for a couple of hours. I wanted to wait until I was healthy enough. It is nice to know that I can recover after getting zapped.

It is still the simple things that I really appreciate. Instead of laying down, I can sit up and watch TV. I can pour myself orange juice – until recently, I needed help with that. I cooked myself a burrito the other day. Right now, I am sitting at my desk, rather than laying flat and trying to type with one finger. It has been really nice. I took all these things for granted before.

This next chemo will be one of the biggest that I will undergo throughout this process. I will be confined to my hospital room for about three weeks. The people that come in and out will need sanitary jackets and masks. They will be constantly monitoring my levels to make sure that I am ok.

There are a lot of potential side effects that come with this next dose. There is a high probability of high fevers, mouth sores, liver and kidney issues, etc… So am I nervous? Yes. Am I excited? Yes. I am excited get past these next three weeks. I am ready to fight through the challenges that I am sure to face. I know my body will once again be very weak, but I am now much more optimistic. I have seen firsthand how hard the body works to heal itself.

I also want to put a very good word out to my neighbor Bob. I have known him since I was born. At one point, he was my baseball coach. He is a great person, with love and support from his wife Diane and two sons. He just underwent a Quintuple bypass surgery. I didn’t even know it went up that high. His surgery was successful, but for all those out there who pray, I ask you to put out a prayer for my friend and neighbor for a quick and healthy recovery.

If you don’t see a blog post for a couple weeks, please know that I am fine and just fighting through the next round. I wish you all a very happy rest of the week.


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