Special Thanks

My first special thanks goes to my wife. She laughs with me and cries with me. She feels every part of me and I literally love her more and more every day. We have become one. She is my soulmate. Not even a question. I don’t know anyone on the planet with a bigger heart. April is pure love. She inspires me and motivates me. Yes, I am self motivated, but her encouragement is priceless. She is so talented in her art and I love going through every new chapter with her. She is a best friend.

I thank my son Brandon for his bravery. His optimism. His youthful spirit that lives in all of us. I thank him for letting me know without a doubt that I am going to be OK. I thank him for one more thing. I thank him for calling to see how I am doing today. He is pure entertainment!

Thank you to my parents for always loving me. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for doing anything for me through every part of my life. You have spoiled me with love.

Thank you to my sister for being pregnant. It is so awesome. Thank you for being by my side and being my friend for 38 years. Maybe take away a couple embarrassment years, but I know you still loved me during the ‘angel boy’ days.

Thank you to Brian, my brother-in-law, for getting my sister pregnant. Much appreciated. Thanks for being the man and being so supportive and caring to me and my sister. Thank you for being so much more than a brother-in-law. You are family.

Thank you to my friends for reaching out, reconnecting, and being there for me. You have overwhelmed me with your positivity and encouragement. I love you!

Thank you to my In-laws that have loved me like my own family. They are being the best support. I appreciate you taking me in and accepting me for me. I appreciate you Michael for offering to drive our car from Denver to San Diego. That is really going to help a lot. I appreciate you Gayla for helping pack up Denver with April. I appreciate all of your smiles and hugs. I feel your love. David, I see the softie among the harder exterior. You have a big, sensitive heart that shines through. You’re caring and love your family and have really taken me in. I thank you for that. Granny, I just love you and all the glitter that comes with you.

Thanks to Aaron Dubya, my best friend since I was one. My business partner, my support to everything in my life. Thank you for truly being my best friend. You have been part of every chapter in my life. You help give importance to everything that I do. I realize that whenever there are any benchmarks reached, or accomplishments set, you are one of the first people that I want to share those things with. We are two very different individuals with very different strengths, but it is the perfect ying and yang. We really do make each other more complete. Thank you for keeping this website up to date for me. It is the best gift I could have right now.

Team True, thank you for stepping it up. Thank you for caring not just about the company, but about me. Thank you for being the very best and only accepting to be the very best. Thank you for being smart and resourceful. Thank you for your creativity.

Thank you to my peeps in the wedding industry for sending your love and support. It means a lot to know how you really feel about me :)

Thank you to all of the nurses that have taken such good care of me. The nurses spend the most time with me lately. They have all made me feel like so much more than just a patient. They have shown how much they are rooting for me. I feel safe with them. Thank a nurse today if you know one. They are the heart to recovery.

Lyndsey the Physician Assistant is brilliant. Immediately after I was checked in, she put me at ease and gave me so much of her time. She is so knowledgable and caring and honest. She is a 10 out of 10 on the human scale, and I would be in a different place mentally if it wasn’t for her.

Thank you to all the doctors and staff that are taking care of me. Thank you to Dr. Matthew Wieduwitt. He created this clinical trial and I trust his genius and innovation. I believe!

To those who have donated to my recovery efforts, I feel truly humbled and blessed. I always heard the word “humbled” and never actually liked when people used it. For some reason it felt a little fake. But I am going to use it here because I truly feel it. I can’t believe the support of everyone. I will be honest. I thought there would be a donation here and there from people that knew me. But I never expected people that have never met me to contribute. My bills are going to be nuts, and to have people care so much for me is not just humbling but inspiring. You have my word that I will pay it forward. I will earn those donations by doing my best to heal and make the world a little bit better. Thank you again.