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February 2016


Wife for Life!

Over the past year, my amazing wife April has given me endless support and love. She has gone through this entire Cancer journey with me, seen me at my worst, and remained by my side every step of the way. I am happy to say that although I battle with health a bit, I remain in full remission. I thank you for sharing my journey with me so far, and will continue to post updates as life happens.

This time, I wanted to send an update on April as well. Incredibly, over the past year and a half, April has also been able to create a ton of new designs in whatever moments she could find. She now has a strong collection to show for the effort, and we have officially launched her product in our company Arelor, which is online at

Am I plugging the site? Heck yeah. But I really believe in it. I’m sharing this because I truly am a huge fan (of April and her art), and would love for you to check out her hard work. In addition to handmade jewelry and boutique throw pillows, there is a full range of exclusive greeting cards and fine art prints.

April and I want everything we put our energy into to bring happiness to others and ourselves. For the next month, Arelor will be donating a portion of every sale to organizations that work to combat Leukemia & Lymphoma. It’s very important to April (and me) to give back, and to recognize those who devote their lives to making people like me healthier.

I hope that you will check out the website and all of April’s recent work at As well, you’ll see gift certificate options that can still be sent out in time for Valentine’s Day gifts ;)

Thank you for all of your continued love and support!