Fall Has Arrived in The Winter

Not too long ago, I was in Denver watching all the leaves change. The trees were changing their cycle, conserving their resources. The leaves that had been sheltering the trees all year were now just floating away. The branches became bare. But the trees now appearing to be fragile and vulnerable were already preparing for their eventual renewal.

I attached an image that shows a leaf through a microscope. The red areas are actually scissors that are built into each leaf. When it is time, the leaf actually severs itself from the tree, because that is what is necessary to start fresh.

It is such a strange feeling. I am shedding. My hair is much like those Aspen leaves in the middle of the Denver fall. All it takes is a soft breeze. I see hairs in different areas of my room and realize they are from me. My facial hair has not grown at all. My body hair is softer and more fragile. The hair on my head is becoming wispy and is floating away.

But my body is just changing its cycle, refreshing itself, preparing for the eventual renewal. Maybe in the spring I will have blond curly hair like I did as a child. We shall see!

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